Parma and the Mediterranean
make the perfect pairing

When our kitchens are quiet early in the morning, you might just be able to make out the sound of bright orange egg yolks gently dropping into flour and sending little clouds up into the air. They’ll soon be giving a golden hue to the famous fresh Emilian pasta dough. Soft and slender, it’s the cornerstone of the first courses traditionally served in Parma: Tortelli filled with spinach beet and Cappelletti in broth. They never look better than they do here at La Forchetta.

The people of Parma love to seek out the pleasures of the palate, which is why we’re always whipping up mouth-watering specialities that the locals have been savouring since time immemorial. Key contributions are made by a whole host of factors, including the sea breezes that sweep across the Apennines and then help to dry and cure Prosciutto di Parma down in the valley. Then there’s the art of making Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which was handed down through the centuries by monks. And of course there’s Parma’s exceptional location between the Apennines and the fertile Po Valley, where cured meats like Culatello di Zibello reign supreme.

Parma and food go hand in hand. As well as a place where traditions are cherished, it’s a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. Its food culture brings together food with both humble and highly refined origins on the same tables. This was where our culinary adventures began and we continue to prepare choice traditional dishes from Parma, putting our individual stamp on them with the tiniest of twists.

However, we had no intention of stopping there: it’s no secret here in the city centre that our chef Angelo Cammarata loves to delve into his Sicilian roots and come up with new seafood sensations. So why not treat yourself to an enchanting experience? Why not see for yourself what happens when culinary delights steeped in history in the old town streets of Parma are married to the marvels from a land of hazy blue horizons, little white houses and fishing nets hauled up onto beaches, where the golden sunlight is reflected in the sea?

Join us on a journey through a selection of irresistible seafood and raw specialities full of the salty fragrance of the Mediterranean. They say that love is a question of taste. Nothing sums that up better than the perfect pairing between Parma and the Mediterranean.

We hope you enjoy the breathtaking blend that we’ve lovingly put together at La Forchetta. Thank you.

Natalia and Angelo


Innamorati della
nostra pasticceria

Fall in love with our peerless pastries

No special occasion is complete without a desirable dessert to add a finishing touch to the festivities. We know from experience that everyone has a special place in their hearts for a sweet treat of some kind. When you’re yearning for something sweet, it’s a sign that your senses are seeking sublime stimulation and that’s exactly what we aim to offer.

Just like romantic relationships, desserts need to be nurtured with care. When we decided to complement our cuisine with artisanal pastries and desserts, we promised ourselves that we’d always be as devoted to them as we were on the first day. How would you like to fall in love with our desserts?